After Hastings


Second edition

by Steven H Silver

Phoenix Pick



May 2023

First published by Ring of Fire Press in July 2020

e-book: $6.99
paperback: $18.99

paperback: £15.50

"Silver brings this fascinating alternate timeline to life with a huge cast of characters from all levels of medieval...society. This one will definitely warm the cockles of any history enthusiast's heart"

Don Sakers

"An intricate and engaging alternate history that begins with King Harold's victory at the Battle of Hastings and then dives deep into an allohistorical look at the political, social and religious intrigue that Harold must deal with to create the England he desires. There's plenty of battle action, loads of royal backstabbing and a chance for readers to see what might England's future might have been had the Battle of Hasting gone differently. Highly recommended for alternate-history fans!"

Rick Wilber
Award-winning author of The Moe Berg Episodes
and editor of Making History: Classic Alternate History Stories

"I best appreciate alternate histories when they remain compelling whether or not the reader is familiar with the 'real' history, whatever that history may be. Silver's novel works in that way. What readers will find here is that although the medieval world was in some ways a distant and alien landscape, it is surprising how truly familiar its alienness can be."

Richard Chwedyk
Galaxy's Edge

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On October 14, 1066, William of Normandy defeated King Harold of England at Hastings and changed the course of English history. But what if King Harold won the battle? After Hastings takes a look at a world in which the Norman Invasion of England is not successful, but the future of English history is still changed. The land Harold rules is not the same as the Anglo-Saxon kingdom before the attempted conquest.

With William vanquished, Harold sets about recreating his kingdom to ensure that it will no longer be at the mercy of foreign enemies. The Pope, overseeing the Church from Rome, however, may have different ideas about England's place in the world. Harold finds himself in a battle of wills with the Pope's emissary, Hildebrand.

After Hastings offers a medieval England filled with complex people, political intrigue, and religious upheavals, always under the increasing possibility for armed conflict.

On October 14, 1066. Harold held his throne...but can he keep it?

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